Sunday, November 17, 2013

Natural Grocers, It's Naturally Good, Now on Harvard!

     There's yet another organic food grocery store in Tulsa, specializing in organically grown and non-GMO food products. The difference is not in the quality or huge variety of's the lower prices.

     I was invited to attend the "pre-grand opening" to this super cool store.  What makes it so cool you ask? Well, for starters, it's less cluttered than the other competitors in town, but don't worry, you won't miss a thing except for the higher prices.  
The other organic-specialty stores seem to carry way too many options for each product.  

     Natural Grocers seems to carry every imaginable product, from produce to meat, dairy, even prepared grab and go from the deli.  They just seem to offer the right variety of each product. 

     They carry EVERY kind of flour needed for your special recipes and dietary needs...they even carry organic and non-GMO pre-made deserts and candies like chocolate covered raisins!

     EVERYTHING in the store is organic and non-GMO friendly.  Canned foods, health & beauty products...everything your little health-conscience heart desires.

     Oh, and for those of you who like that "junk-food" type of eats, they have that too...only it's not so bad for you.
 Canned food items
 For you Kale can buy your Kale chips already made, ready for you to enjoy!

 The best dairy products!

 Mmm, healthy junk food :-)

     Natural Grocers has two locations, the newest is just south of 31st & Harvard on the West side of the road.  Healthy eating, cheers!

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