Sunday, November 24, 2013

Napoli's Italian Restaurant in Bixby, Alimento Delizioso!


This little gem is hidden deep in Bixby, Oklahoma. I stopped for a quick lunch and quick is exactly what it was. But it didn't taste quick, it tasted flavorful and delicious. My experience was a good one, from both service and food standpoint.  The service was truly quick, friendly and the food was just so good.

     One thing I know about Italian food is that there are different types of Italian cuisines, usually matching their regions.  So when someone visits a town in Italy, then frequents an Italian restaurant in America, they start slashing away at the goodness because it's "not authentic" based on THEIR experience.  You must know, depending on regions and intended recipes, pastas and sauces vary!  For example, some pastas are made without eggs for storing purposes. And regarding pasta dishes, some are made with an "al fresco" outcome, using fresh tomato, basil and olive oil rather than the richer bolognese or rag├╣ sauces.  

     At Napoli's, they definitely use the egg based pasta recipes and rich sauces. To me, it tastes authentic and fresh-made.  I have not been to Italy, but had the privilege of enjoying my ex-husband's aunt's rice and meatball recipe as well as eggplant parmigiano and lasagna.  Napoli's reminds me of her cooking. (Her sauces took at least THREE days to cook.)

     Okay so, I made it a quick 30 minute lunch and had the meat stuffed ravioli baked in a rich, savory meat sauce, with a side piece of what tasted like ciabatta bread, typically served in the Veneto Italian region.

 Baked meat ravioli with house-made ciabatta bread, with a glass of ice tea, it was $11+

This is all that was very good.  Oh, the waiter was Italian.

     Next time you're in Bixby and looking for a family friendly, GOOD Italian eatery...remember this place.  Buon appetito and Cin Cin! 

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