Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Hong Kong is Seventeen Years Not So New in Tulsa!

     I use UrbanSpoon a lot to check out what diners, bloggers and critics have to say. For every 10 good reviews on this awesome Asian place, there was one bad and it was obvious to me that it either came from a competitor, or someone that doesn't know good food or over-thinks it. This is a "CASH ONLY" place, so glad I checked it out first and read that.

     I walked in and the first thing I notice, an Asian man ordering his food in Chinese to the little sweet lady behind the counter. A sign I've said repeatedly, that when you frequent an ethnic restaurant, if there are people of that same ethnicity ordering, it's gonna be good.  This little joint is another Tulsa owned mom and pop place that has been around for seventeen years and because it isn't fancy or a chain, has not been exposed for the great place that it is.

     I tried to communicate with the lady taking my order but she could barely understand my crazy technique of ordering.  Finally, through the commonality of our passion for excellent Asian cuisine, we understood each other and I ordered what she likes off the menu.  I ordered the Spicy Hunan Beef with roasted pork fried rice and my all time favorite, hot and sour soup.

 Spicy Hunan Beef w/Fried Rice-$4.45 
Roasted Pork Fried Rice (small)$4.45 
Hot & Sour Soup (small) $1.75

     Service was super duper fast and pleasantly friendly. My only complaint is that she forgot the crispy wonton strips for my hot & sour soup...she was so sweet, I got over it quickly.  So much food, enough to make three meals out of it and all together with tax, $11.80.  Next time you're in the mood for authentic fast food Chinese, Google New Hong Kong in Tulsa or look them up in UrbanSpoon Tulsa.  個飽//! or Bon appetit!

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