Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lone Wolf Banh Mi Mobile Food Truck...their sandwich is as long as their name and OH SO FREAKIN' GOOD!!!!

I've heard of it, I've seen the truck, but I had yet to try Lone Wolf Banh Mi, until now.
 They open at 11:30 but I arrived at 11:15 and there was already a line. I've heard this place ALWAYS has a line and that they usually sell out. After having their food, I feel really, REALLY sorry for those that waited in line and missed out.  


The menu is simple. You can choose a sandwich with your choice of either pork, chicken or mushroom...I think they give you different choices every time.  And your other item is Kimchi Fries, with your choice of added toppings. See the window pic with menu.

As I waited in line prior to opening, I met some lovely ladies and fellow foodies. This was not only MY first time to visit this mouth-watering food truck, but it was their 
first time as well. When we finally made it to the window to order (it was only a five minute wait, but seemed like an eternity due to the mouth-watering aromas), we felt like we'd just won the lottery getting to order our food :-)
Meet my new fellow foodie friends, Heather Webb, Lisa Myers and  Regina Goodell.

Regina enjoyed some sweet potato fries from a different vendor, whom I've reviewed previously (they're Bohemian).  Heather and Lisa do what I do when I eat with a friend, they each order an item, then share!
Kimchi Fries with a spicy aioli, cilantro, and a fried egg...haaaaah!!!! YUM, or so I think, they offered me a bite but my sandwich was so big, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish it. 

I wasn't fortunate enough to have anyone to share my food with, so, I only ordered the Kung Pao Pork had julienned carrots and I believe jicama, also, Thai chili aioli, cilantro and other spicy, savory tasty-ness.
 Kung Pao Pork Sandwich with julienned carrots and I believe jicama, also, Thai chili aioli, cilantro

The service was quick and friendly. I waited 15 minutes for them to open, but only five minutes from the time they opened, with a line already in front of me. I think they're quick because they don't complicate things. Some food trucks ask you if your order is to go, and they ask other questions that they should just not ask, and just send out the orders their way, like Lone Wolf Banh Mi does.
The ladies loved their Kimchi Fries and sandwich as much as I loved my food. To find out where these cool cats will be next, follow them on twitter @lonewolfbanhmi and/or like them on Facebook at I heard it through the grapevine their food was life-changing...sometimes, the grapevine is right. Cheers!

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