Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dugan Jack's Smokehouse...Sweet. Smokey. Savory. Juicy. Yummyness.

Dugan Jack's Smokehouse is serious, spicy sweet goodness. No joke, serious fall-off-the-bone smokey, tender yummy-ness. Um, that really sums it up :-)

     Located in Sapulpa, now joining in the food truck revolution, I first tried Dugan Jack's Smokehouse meaty savory-ness at BaconFest Tulsa 2013. They had the best smoked beef bites and obviously I have good taste because they also came away with the Boss Hog of BaconFest Tulsa 2013 award (and there was a lot of tasty competition).

     So, Dugan Jack's posted on their Facebook wall they were doing a "special order Friday" last week in Sapulpa, so I decided to partake.  The drive alone was well worth it. I also took lunch to my daughter. For sides we ordered the baked beans, she had the cole slaw and I had the potato salad.  I didn't have my camera and quite honestly, I was so hungry, I just dug right into it but I do wish I'd taken pics of ALL the food. I took my left-over ribs home and took some snap shots of this delicious meat.

     It was smokey, savory and had a sweet crunchy crust. I did NOT have to fight the meat off the bone, the bone just came right out when I pulled on it (that's my test for ribs done right).  The sides were unbelievable...I've never had potato salad quite like this and the coleslaw too. Unique as was the sweet savory taste of the ribs, chopped brisket and hotlinks.

 Look at that gorgeous hunk of juicy, smokey-rib goodness :-)

     I hope they bring their food truck to Tulsa...they'd probably sell out on Food Truck Wednesdays down at Guthrie Green.  Okay, so the food is amazing, now for the down-side, which isn't too bad. The food was a bit pricy for the special trip I made out there. Yes, it was beyond amazing but, in Tulsa, we have so many other great tasting options, that I think prices need to be competitive, especially if you're  relying on Tulsa consumers to help keep your business a success.  

     A little time invested on researching what the most comparable competition is charging might be ideal for this business to consider. I want to see them around in 10 years cause I'll be a regular in Tulsa for sure. In addition to the great food, the service was good and they've always been friendly. Oink! Oink! (pig talk for bon appetit!) 

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