Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Hen Bistro on Brookside...Making Me Parles Yummy-ness en Français!

      My friend Michael and I made plans to do one of our favorite past time things, brunch.  So we chose The Hen Bistro on Brookside, the "off-spring" to it's mother restaurant and Tulsa staple, The French Hen.  If you've yet to try THAT Tulsa original French restaurant, then you need to put it on your foodie bucket list.  But alas, this review is about The Hen Bistro.

     If you've ever had rich, savory French-style food, then you will absolutely appreciate this hidden, new, little gem of a place, The Hen Bistro.  The place might be new, but it's owned and operated by local restaurateur Kathy Bondy. Her experience and passion for the industry is what gave me hope when she purchased and saved The French Hen from becoming obsolete.

     I was fortunate enough to run into Kathy and was thrilled I got to visit with her briefly.  She's super friendly and her passion for delicious, fresh food and exceptional service to her patrons is so obvious.  I'm glad she owns these two restaurants that not only consistently send out amazing, perfect food, but also top shelf service. Hm, it's how ALL restaurants, especially locally owned restaurants, should be...glad she loves what she does and gets it.  

     They don't have a brunch menu but it didn't matter because as soon as  Michael and I began studying the menu, we had to start wiping the drool from our faces. 

     Michael started with the Sherry Dill Tomato Bisque and then he had the Veal Meatloaf served atop parmesan mashed potatoes.  I had the Cabernet Braised Short Ribs, which is also served atop the parmesan mashed potatoes but I asked to substitute with Sweet Potato Au Gratin, which is usually served with the Berkshire Pork Chop...they were happy to accommodate. This made me happy because Michael and I were able to try each others' swapping is always the way to go.

 Sherry Dill Tomato Bisque-$6

Veal Meatloaf with Parmesan Mashed Potatoes-$14
Cabernet Braised Short Ribs with Sweet Potato Au Gratin- $14

     I love rich, savory foods that have flavor bursting from within.  Our server and bartender (we sat at the bar) made me a perfect Mimosa. It's large in serving and balanced with champagne to orange juice ratio.  Normally, I get a photo of our server and a name, but this time, I was too excited about the food to remember to do so. She was great, attentive and provided perfect service.

     The atmosphere is classic, upscale trendy...well lit in the daytime and nicely dim-lit in the evening, which is PERFECT for a cozy date or great conversation with friends.  It has a HUGE WALL of WINE BOTTLES and is modestly decorated with French themed artwork. While it is an updated design, they balanced it with the reminder that it is a French restaurant by hanging a beautiful chandelier in the center of the dinning area.  For you sports fans with great taste in food, you'll also find a cool TV screen which doubles as the mirrored wall behind the bar.

 Hi Michael :-)

     There are always pros and cons to restaurants. The only downside here, is they don't serve "brunch" items.  I was hoping for some life-changing French brunchy food, but then again, do the French even eat breakfast/brunch style foods? It literally didn't matter to us because the food is so freakin' good... Bon Appetit!

     Remember, if you see a review, be it mine or any review, consider the source and just judge a place for yourself. It has to be said, anytime I see a negative review and one of the complaints is portions, it's usually followed by a service complaint.  Most of the time, it's the people that don't really know GOOD food and need to stick to chain restaurants, where the portions are big and suddenly, service isn't an issue to them because they got their money's worth with the big portions.

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