Monday, October 7, 2013

The Halloween Festival, It's About the Food, Not JUST the Fright for this Foodie...

... at The Castle in Muskogee!!

     And although there are some super tasty foods, there is still plenty of fright. No joke, it's scary. There's also plenty of fun stuff for adults and even the kiddos!
      From the Halloween Shop to an actual wine shop... Summerside Vineyards & Winery from Vinita, OK. There's even pony rides and those blow up jump and slide thingies for the little ones...(literally, a little something for EVERYONE!)

      During the daylight, fun-ness for the kiddos...

     ... then at night, scary-ness for the rest of us!!  I kept seeing that ghost bride everywhere!!! Eeeek!!!

     In addition to all the scary sights and sounds, they have serious haunted attractions, even scary hay out, don't let the zombies and ghosts in the fields get ya!!

     Okay, ON to the food!!!!!!!  And it has to be said, this food isn't your ordinary "event/fair" kind of food. It is SERIOUS good eats.  Made from scratch everything. Otherwise, I wouldn't be blogging about it. So, I'ma blog on.

     My first stop was the Pauper Eatery...this eatery has a great story behind it. The Barnett family owns it, and although they had a steady flow of hungry scare-tee cats, Bob Barnett took the time to chat with me.
     No! That's not Bob Barnett in the white coat...although I did try to talk to this 
white-haired chef dude but he didn't have much to say (insert shoulder shrug here).

     So, Bob Barnett, owner-proprietor, said they started this about four years ago, from home.  It started when they fixed their kids what they now call Chicken Poppers.  From there, they started doing small caterings which led to events and eventually, a mainstay at The Castle, which they've been a part of about three years now.  This business is successful to the point that it literally put his kids (a son and daughter) through college...that's some good eats for that type of accomplishment!  
     I wasn't hungry yet when I chatted with Bob, but some customers, who were getting their orders, allowed me to take some snap shots of the goodness they were about to consume :-)
 Jumbo Spicy Shrimp and Waffle fries!!!!
 Meat & Potato Bowl...with cheese, jalapenos and slow roasted pork.  OMG, I bet the waffle fries soaked up those pork juices!

     Later, I mustered up an appetite (kind of hard not to with the amazing food aromas filling up the night air).  I ran into a friend (hi Kay), and she ordered the Pig Wings, which are actually bone-in pork shanks. You can't imagine the taste...another friend earlier gave me a taste (hi Sherri) and it was just as you are thinking it would taste... can wipe up your drool now, there's more to come. Above, Pig wings w/waffle fries.

     I finally partook in some of this (cover your ears/eyes kids) food porn. Yep. I had the BACON WRAPPED Venison Poppers. Words really can't describe the savory, bacon and venison flava-ness that was pleasing my taste-buds. 
Venison Poppers wrapped with smokey, yummy bacon served w/waffle fries.

     I really wish I could've tried everything on the menu but there's no way my tummy would've survived all that food.  Bob said he and the rest of the Barnett family attend and participate in other events such as the Bixby BBQ & Blues and the Coweta Festival. I'm hoping they consider Baconfest Tulsa 2014 and enter that bacon wrapped Venison Popper into the competition!  

     Next, I found my way to the Yummy Mummy Cafe. They served up all types of meat on a stick, including beef, chicken, pork and lamb!! They also served up falafel, crepes and baklava!

      The owners were also super nice. Originally from Israel, they now travel from Austin to Miami and everywhere in between,  serving up this yummy mummy food. Owners Ori and Elani travel with their daughter. Their specialties are Lamb on a Stick, Falafel, and Crepes.  I decided to try the Lamb on a Stick.  It was juicy and had that robust fire-roasted flavor.
                         Lamb on a Stick ... see the juices? Yes you do, yessss, you do.

     There were many other food vendors and eateries on site, but there was only so much I could consume!  This is Kay's daughter, she enjoyed a caramel, chocolate and sprinkle covered apple.  The smile on her face and the splash of choco-cara-sprinkle apple item all over her face says it all.

     Special thanks to the folks at In-House Media, Renee, Ashlei and Beki, you all work your bums off making sure this event goes off without a hitch each year. Also, thanks to Bob Barnett of The Pauper and Ori & Elani of Yummy Mummy for taking the time to visit with me.  I scream, you scream, we all scream for (no not ice cream) food at The Halloween Festival, Haunted Castle of Muskogee!!

For more information on dates, times and happenings at the Haunted Castle of Muskogee, visit or visit their homepage for other upcoming events.

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