Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cricket Pizza at the Tulsa State Fair! Chirp, Chirp, Silence!

Did you ever think you'd try a "bug" pizza? Not me, that's for sure. But as I always say, "I'll try anything, at least once."  :-) In this case, definitely just once. 

     If you like to try "outside the box" foods, then by all means, please do! The vendor that sold the now infamous cricket pizza at the Tulsa State Fair, is shown below. I took photos so it'd be esthetically easy to find.

     The pizza itself was typical of fair food. I wouldn't even say it's "truck food" good, but it wasn't terrible. The crust tasted like it was pre-made, and honestly, the sauce did too. Yet, I just HAD to triumphantly order, taste, and consume this "insect" pizza. It wouldn't have been near as horrific if they hadn't all been standing on the pizza, as if they were going to jump up and fight off it's predator or as if they were saluting those of us brave enough to try them. 

     If I ever opted to make an insect pizza, I'd chop them up with a couple of quick pulses in the food processor, then I'd pan fry them before sprinkling onto the pizza. Also, I'd cook the pizza at a high heat so the cheese, sauce and uh (gulp), insects, melted together and at least they would be crisped up a bit. 
     But then again, what do I know about making insect pizza?  I'm just a foodie that'll try anything...hey now! (insert comic drum beat here)  Okay, so I'm no comedian, but if I was I'd hear crickets rather than applause, chirp chirp... bon appetit!

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