Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cactus Jacks is Back!


Yum, Food Truck Wednesday is always my favorite day of the week. This week we chose Cactus Jacks. Formerly a restaurant in Cleveland, Ok, now hitting the food scene and streets in Tulsa.

     I'm gonna keep this short and sweet because I do write weekly about the glorious food trucks visited on (insert voice of that guy that does those monster truck show commercials here), Food Truck Wednesday.   

      THIS time, I brought a friend and new recruit with me...first time "food truck" consumer Cathy.  She and I both ordered the same thing (need to train her on how it's done...I order one item, she orders another and then we share) but next time will be different.  Okay, we also couldn't leave our boss and TV star out so we brought back for him, the Cactus Jack, which is brisket, smoked cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and BBQ sauce. 

 The Cactus Jack-brisket, smoked cheddar cheese, jalapenos and BBQ sauce.
     Sadly, this wasn't a big hit for my boss. He said it was a bit on the dry side and didn't have much flavor. I always quote what people say if I didn't get to sample it myself. Keep in mind, my boss is a master BBQer and meat smoker, so he is going to be more critical than the average Joe...maybe even more than ME. Nah.

     Okay, next, Cathy and I ordered the daily special, which was the pulled pork sandwich with chips and a drink, all for $7!     
      Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich-pulled pork & BBQ Sauce

     It was pretty good...while there was anything special or unique here, it was very tasty and totally hit the spot. The sandwich itself was HUGE and more than satisfying. We were starving pre-food-scarfing and were beyond full after eating that sandwich, to the point that we couldn't finish our drink or chips. It was tasty and if you like BBQ,  you'll find this agreeable as well.

      The service was fast and VERY friendly...look at the sweet smile! Hi Jessie! (Jessie is awesome.)

Y'all come back now...ya hear?!

                         Former Food Truck virgin          Scandalous Food Truckie

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