Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nelson's Ranch House...Serious Homecooked Comfort Goodness :-)

     Not my first visit, MOST DEFINITELY will not be my last.  It's like country folk that only make and eat home-cooked meals decided to open up their home and start selling their homemade food.  I know it's an actual restaurant, but that's how it feels when I'm there and enjoying the home-cooked goodness.

     A "true foodie" likes a wide variety of foods, from upscale French, to Asian, Mexican, Indian and the always comforting satisfaction we get from good ol' fashioned Southern American home-cooked foods.  Nelson's Ranch House is exactly that. I mean, it's like going to a friend's house that decided to have friends over for a buffet-style meal. Only the invitation is the sign outside the restaurant and no RSVP needed here. Always a good crowd and they get you taken care of pretty darn quick.  I always get mine to go because it's right around the corner from our office, so this is my "work through lunch" go to place.

     This time around I ordered the Thursday special. It's roasted chicken and dressing with your choice of sides. They have soooo many sides to choose from. I told the nice man behind the buffet (they plate your meals) to give me what he would get if he were fixing this plate for himself. He gave me the dressing and home-made mac & cheese.  I think by asking him to fix me what he likes it somehow frees my guilt of eating this comfort-food goodness, lol. After all, he chose it, not me ;-)  This also came with gravy, and although it makes sense to be a dark chicken gravy, it sort of tasted like a "red-eye" gravy. It was YUMMO!!
 Roasted Chicken and Dressing with mashed potatoes, rich gravy and mac & cheese.

     The last time I was there, I had the baked cod, baked beans, fried okra and...pie :-D.

     I seriously love this place. Whether your on your "cheat day", need the awesomeness feeling that comfort food gives or, if you just love good food, ya gotta go to Nelson's Ranch House, right in the heart of the Pearl District, also known as TU/Kendall-Whittier.

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