Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ike's Downtown Pub and Eatery: Hit Me Again Ike, and Put Some Steak on It!!


     Wow, this place was worth the drive.  It's unique in the combination of food items on the menu. I wanted to try everything on the menu, but settled for three items. My favorite item can't be found on the menu but it was beyond foodgasmic.

     I started with a Chicken curry had the flavors of a Thai restaurant. It was rich and flavorful, but each ingredient stood on it's own.  I was seriously impressed from the start. Delicately prepared with potatoes, chicken, green leeks, a few other healthy ingredients. It was creamy curry delicate yet hearty goodness. 


     I also tried the Fried Pepper Jack Cheeseballs...they weren't like what you get in other places. Not overly greasy with a great crunch!!

     I ended my meal with the Shrimp and Fries basket.  Shrimp AND fries were dipped  in a very light batter. The quality of the shrimp was outstanding.  I loved this place.

     The service was excellent, people were friendly and the atmosphere was awesome.  You can tell people working there enjoyed what they do...which is making great food and providing awesome service.  This place made me want to get a hotel room and hang out at the bar until dinner time, it was that sweet!  Keep it real Ike, keep it real :-)

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