Friday, August 14, 2015

Leena's Mediterranean Grill, Fast Mediterranean Goodness That Doesn't Taste Fast!!

     Leena's Mediterranean Grill...super fast, super friendly, super good. No, super good doesn't begin to do this little clean, fast eatery justice.

     Tulsa is seriously getting some of the best little eateries from here to the coastal areas. What I liked about Leena''s large, it's like a fast food place but it's super clean and the food is fresh. Yes, fresh. Can ya dig it? I know I can, and bury it into my mouth.  

     From the hummus and deep fried cauliflower (yeah I said deep fried, what of it?!), to the fresh cucumber salad and UH-MAY-zing falafel wraps. It's delish.  No really, it's like upscale fresh Mediterranean but you order it like fast food, you get it like fast food and you eat it like, well, you get the point. Actually, I didn't eat it like fast food. I did take away, but I ate it at my desk like I would an upscale meal in a snooty restaurant...savoring each morsel and bite.

     If you're a Mediterranean food feind like me, this place is a MUST try, especially if you're looking for something good, fresh and fast (awkward, I just described my last date). Bon appetit!

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