Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mmm Pahhhpi! Papa Ganouj That Is!...All Mediterranean Cuisine Fusion!

     I mean, really? This place, Papa Ganouj, needs to be in Bon Appetit's next article on BEST RESTAURANTS TO VISIT in the U.S.  WARNING!! Send the kids out of the room before viewing. The images you're about to view are rated XXXXX in foodporn ratings. 

     I've been hearing the buzz and as a food blogger, I knew I just had to hurry on in and see what all the fuss was about. I wanted to break out into "that" cafe scene on When Harry Met know the one!  But I wanted to reenact it after each and every bit, no joke.  And the presentation of each and every dish is a feast for the literally begin the taste experience from afar. 

     Two of my co-workers/friends and I were starving and Papa Ganouj was the remedy. We started with hummus and pitas off the Mezze section of the menu . There was some kind of oil drizzled over the hummus, not sure but it may have been a roasted pepper oil of some kind. Wasn't spicy enough to be chili oil.  The texture of the hummus was not superfine, which really makes it tasty because you can get a full taste and bite of the chickpea.

Hummus and Pitas- (2 of any Mezze items) $6

     Next we ordered our main course.  My friend Dawn ordered the Nicoise Pita with Beet Pickled Jicama and Carrot, Lindsey ordered the beef, chicken Kebob and I, I ordered the Coq au Vin Blanc.  I'm a fan of French style cooking methods and I was really intrigued by what was to come because of the Mediterranean flavors.

Nicoise Pita-- with Beet Pickled Jicama and Carrot $10

Kebob— beef, chicken, grilled vegetable, hummus, pita, hashwa $12

 Coq au Vin Blanc— chicken, white wine, garlic, basil pearl pasta, fennel $13

     I got to sample of bite of my friends' food, and they sampled mine.  All of it, every dish tasted like what you would dream each ingredient and dish should taste like in a perfect world.  The textures and flavors were nothing short of savory, flavorful heaven.  

     The Coq au Vin Blanc was literally foodgasmic.  The chicken was wrapped in a nest of filo dough, so the flavors and textures married together in such a heavenly way. Exquisite!

     Okay, don't hate, the next dish was literally the icing on the cake...okay, no cake, but a chocolate donut bread pudding.  And no icing, but it did come with a side dipping of coffee mocha mousse ganache.

“Coffee & Donuts” — chocolate donut bread pudding, coffee mocha mousse, ganache $9

     What happens what you eat out with the girls and no kids in site?  Hey, don't judge, you'll do it too when you savor this chocolaty posh, divine sweet bite!

     The service was great, the place is clean with creative decor, the food is upscale tasty art, the chef, obviously Top Chef worthy and more. Oh, and they clearly put a lot of thought into the amazing wine list, varying from regions, fitting to the Papa Ganouj brand. I can't urge you enough to go...I hope Tulsans frequent this eatery often. I don't want it to ever close and I would like to see them thrive and prosper for the fruits of their labor and talent. Καλή Όρεξη! בתיאבון! Buen provecho! بون الشهية!  Bon appetit in any language!!!

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