Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Thai Kitchen...Family Thai Goodness!

I wished I hadn't waited so long to try this place.  Family owned and operated, non-chain goodness :-)

     I ordered a few things, and made a few meals out of it all.  I started with the Tom Kha, a soup made with straw mushroom, lime leaf, lemon grass, chili pepper, galangal (aka blue ginger), and a touch of lime juice combined in coconut milk broth, topped with cilantro.  You can smell the aromas of the lemon grass and ginger. Delicious.

          Next I had the spring rolls. Yes, it's typical and traditional in Asian cuisine but these seemed to be loaded with flavor in addition to the freshness. I opted for the fresh, non fried shrimp spring rolls, wrapped in the moistened rice paper and it came with a peanut sauce that rivaled other places. Tasty.

     I also ordered the Pad Cashew Thai.  It's served with steamed rice and has carrot, celery, straw mushroom, onion, bell pepper, dried chili pepper, scallion, and cashew nut. It was savory, sweet and spicy. Perfect.

     The food is awesome, the place is clean and the family is friendly.  I highly recommend giving My Thai Kitchen a taste, especially if you're a fan of Asian/Thai cuisine. ไชโย! (Cheers!)

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