Friday, August 15, 2014

Michael V's, Bixby's Little Restaurant Gem with BIG, Upscale Cuisine!

     Michael V's, located in the corner at the Palazzo Shopping Center in Bixby, OK.  The atmosphere, location and ambiance may be soft and romantic, but the food is just pure party in my mouth, bursting with full flavors.

     My sister and I started with the Lobster Bisque. Oh, bisque you say dismissively...yes, bisque but make no mistake. This is Lobster Bisque is not only cream, lobster traditional goodness, it REAKS of flavor beyond any other.
Lobster Bisque  ...creamy, decadent goodness. $6

     Next, we had the Crispy Wrapped Shrimp...again, the flavors, the textures...swirled in my mouth like a more tasteful, slow motion version of a "twerk"...yes, I said twerk. Twerking should be a verb for flavor action in  your mouth...just sayin' :-)
Crispy Wrapped Shrimp
Wrapped in rice paper, deep fried and served with an Asian dipping sauce $10

      My sister ordered the Salmon Salad...and while it was also, bursting with flavor, I wanted to order something not usually found in other restaurants. A Chef Michael signature dish if you will. 

     By the way, it has to be said, Chef Michael and his lovely wife Carol Minden are friendly and passionate about the quality and stature of the food they put out every day.  I asked Chef Michael if he'd cook up something he liked. And did he ever deliver. Wow. 

     Now, he couldn't make me anything with bearnaise sauce because it's typically only served with dinner menu items.  But I didn't mind it. What he brought me was different, unique and foodgasmically beyond what I'd expected.

     He made me a Tenderloin Ravioli Stacker, which is a 8 oz filet served atop a jumbo spinach ravioli on a bed of red pepper marinara cream sauce topped with sauteed mushrooms and wilted spinach.  See the string of onions? They weren't overly greasy like you get in some other fine establishments.  The beef tenderloin filet was so tender, I literally ate my dish with a fork. Never once, did I need to use a that's saying something!!

     I gave my sister a bite and she couldn't believe how tender it was either. Literally melted in your mouth.  I think someone without teeth could it this it's so tender.  My sister knows good steak and filets as she and my brother in law frequent fine restaurants and enjoy a good filet almost weekly.
Tenderloin Ravioli Stacker
8 ounce filet mignon atop a jumbo spinach ravioli on a bed of red pepper marinara cream sauce topped with sauteed mushrooms and wilted spinach
      Of course we had to end out meal on a sweet note :-)  so we shared this delectable Chocolate Mint Cheesecake, which I believe was as light as a mousse. 

     Other dinner menu items include traditional classics (but with the Chef Michael tweak) such as Cordon Bleu of veal, beef or chicken, as well as Steak Diane and the phenomenal Beef Wellington.  I will go back and take some of my top clients there.  Why? Because it's sure to wow, impress and make them feel how much I appreciate them. As much as I appreciate the talents of Chef Michael and the hospitality of his wife Carol and their whole staff. Bon Appetit my friends!

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