Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BBD on Peoria...Beyond AMAZING Service and Food!

      Brookside By Day, aka BBD on Brookside.  This place is locally owned and operated.  I've gone there for years but have never blogged about them, until now, yay!

     Best breakfast place in Tulsa, hands down. Especially since Blue Dome Diner has closed...they gave BBD a run for their money.  I love this place though...I've always had great food and nice, courteous service.

     I saw a few reviews on Urbanspoon, and let me just say, anytime someone gives a bad review to a restaurant and names a better place to go, they're not going to be objective, they're already loyal to that other place to which they suggested you go.  Keep that in mind.  

     My kids treated me to a birthday brunch and I was so happy they chose BBD on Peoria as this location was the original place.  They were super, I mean REALLY busy on this 4th of July, so the wait was a bit longer than usual but we didn't mind it so much.

     Everyone's food came out tasty and left everyone wanting more.  I love this place for not only the food and service but for their SMART customer service skills.  Oddly, for the first time ever in years, my food and only mine, came out cooked incorrectly.  I ordered the eggs benedict and as you can see from the photos below, they overcooked the hollandaise sauce. It was basically tiny pieces of scrambled eggs.  A mistake that typically occurs when a restaurant is overly busy and possibly understaffed in the kitchen.

     Here's what...two things beyond positive that came out of this experience and made me a fan for life. Literally, for life. 

     First, you know this is actually HOMEMADE and not from a mix, packet, or any kind of was homemade because of how it was overcooked.  And despite the texture, it really was still wicked good to the taste.

     Second, the server was apologetic and kind about the miscooked food.  In fact, she actually asked me a couple of times if I was sure that I didn't want to order something else.  I did NOT ask for a refund or for it to be taken off my bill or any kind of price reduction. I told her all of it still tasted good and that I would eat it.  At the end of it all, they completely took that dish off our bill...totally. Even though I ate it, they took it off. Talk about EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.  We all live in an imperfect world, but when one owns up to their errors and makes it right, that makes it perfect in my eyes. 

     We'll be going back again, and again and, well you get the picture.  Ps.  They make the most UH-MAY-zing home made cinnamon rolls, their waffles, pancakes and cheese burgers rock my mouth.  BBD, go get you'll be glad you did my friend. Cheers!

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