Monday, March 3, 2014

Phee, Phi, Pho 71...Yum :-)

     I've been wanting to try this place for sometime...Pho 71 did NOT disappoint.

     If you've ever read my blog or reviews, you'll know my rule of thumb on ethnic cuisine restaurants.  If you see people of the same ethnicity as the type of food that is served at said restaurants, then chances are, it's gonna be great.

     Every person in this place was either Vietnamese or of some Asian descent, with the exception of the obvious business lunch.  I knew this food was gonna be great. Pho 71 is located on the Northeast corner of 71st and Elm in Broken arrow and while it's a bit of a drive for me, I plan on being a regular at this little Pho gem.

     We started with a couple of appetizers, had to try the fried rice and of course, the Pho.  There wasn't anything bad in the entire joint, from service, to taste, it was all entirely phenomenal. 

     In the Pho you can almost taste every ingredient in what appears to be a simple soup, yet the flavors of the broth, while individually simple, together are so complex and beyond deep.
 Spring Rolls with Grilled Pork

Vietnamese Egg Rolls

Chicken Fried Rice

Pho Dac Biet-special combination beef noodle soup

     I've had Pho at some other places in town but so far, the fast, FRIENDLY service you get here beats the service I've received elsewhere, or lack thereof. Make the drive on the B.A., you'll be glad you did! Chúc mừng! (Cheers!)

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