Saturday, March 8, 2014

White Flag...I Surrender My Taste Buds Yo!

White Flag, it's located in the former Back Alley Blues place just south of 1st and Elgin and is owned by Blake Ewing's Blue Ox Dining Group.

     I read some reviews that said they had no heat, etc. but it was cold today and it wasn't too cold fact, the temperature was just right.  They have some pretty original burgers on the menu and they kept the candied bacon from the old menu of Back Alley Blues BBQ. They also have a pretty decent tap beer menu.

     Friendly greeting, GREAT service, clean place and our server was pretty awesome.  I ordered the sweet potato tots and regular cheese burger.  In typical Blake Ewing fashion (always buying fresh and local) the buns were beyond delish.  They get their buns from a local baker called Anaya Bakery. And you can tell they're fresh. 


     The food was pretty tasty, nothing too far out of the ordinary but to be fair, we did only order the regular cheeseburger. I was enticed by the unique burgers on their menu so I'll definitely be back to try those out.  Like The Salma Hayek, The Hangover (part 4), The Yoko Oh No!, and The Joe Momma's Pizza Burger. They even have one called "The Back Alley Fail Burger", making light of the restaurant it was before. And the wicked tasty White Flag Flaming Queso is no's yum.

     It took just a bit long to take our order but the bartender apologized and was super friendly about it. I think it's a cool place all the way around from food to staff and beers on tap. Oh, and tons of TVs everywhere with different sports on. Nothing says "Cheers!", like burgers and beer.

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