Friday, March 7, 2014

Umberto's Pizza...Gourmet Pizza at Not So Gourmet Prices!

It's been a few years since I've been to Umberto's and I HATE that I waited so long to go back...seriously. 

     My friend and co-worker Brenda and I were out seeing one of her clients and decided to go grab a quick bite. Enter Umberto's Pizza...and immediately you get the aroma of that old-fashioned pizza parlor from like when you were a kid.

     Brenda doesn't eat like a man...but I do :-(  So I ordered the garlic knots to That's all I should post is just WOW.  Soft, cheesy, bready goodness to the max.

     So I asked the man behind the counter if the pizza slices were big...he held two fingers up as if to form a triangle, except the triangle he formed was not so big, so I ordered two slices. I'll just say, one slice and I was stuffed! So I saved the other for dinner!  

     You can see the crust, it's like a hand-tossed thin crust at other places, but it has the chew and taste you would get from a top "BIG CITY" pizza joint. And affordable! I think the pepperoni slices we ordered were like $2.  

     You definitely get bang for your buck...all together, we'd ordered three slices of pepperoni pizza, garlic knots and two large beverages all for like $11 and some change.
Now for the downside...the guy behind the counter needs to be trained to be friendly...he may even be the owner, I don't know. But he never said hi, can I help you, nothing. I had to ask him if he was the person we're supposed to place our order with. Never smiled, kind of borderline rude. BUT the rest of the staff was super friendly, nice and provided EXCELLENT service.  So great food, service and affordable...who cold ask for anything more? I'll go back again and again and again and well, you get it :-D

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