Saturday, March 15, 2014

Charleston's on Yale...GREAT Salads and Sammies!!!

Yes, it's a local chain. BUT, this local chain is one of those few and far betweeners that actually get what it takes to be a success. And, let's face it...even chains have some menu items that get you to walk in, but it's restaurants like this one that keep you coming back for more ;-)

     So a co-worker arranged for a "girls luncheon" and Charleston's is where they picked to go. Lunch was great, company even better! 

     Okay, I'm just gonna get to the point. Charleston's has GREAT sandwiches, my favorite, hands down is the Chicken Avocado on a berry wheat bread. I chose steamed veggies as my side and even those were amazing.  The reason their food taste so good is because it's, I'm actually serious, a chain restaurant that serves food made with the freshest ingredients. I've never had a salad with outdated ingredients and the avocados are as if the chef hand picked it themselves.  

     Another yummy sandwich is the prime rib...don't judge, it's so good I crave it often.  They also have a couple of the freshest, tastiest, and appetite filling salads as well.
     Charleston's is owned by the Hal Smith Restaurant Group and I can say this company definitely knows how to do "chains".  The service is so outstanding, it's close to the service you get at one of their sister restaurants, Mahogany.  The formula is simple...offer good food at mid-range pricing and upscale service.  I like it. Bon Appetit!

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