Monday, March 17, 2014

Kupcakz...HUGE and Taze-tee!

Tropical Bliss-Luscious coconut cake with mascarpone cream cheese frosting sprinkled with sweet toasted coconut flakes

     OMG...really that's all that needs to be said but, I'll fill you in on the experience of this cupcake. They used green dye in some of their items today, it being St. Paddy's day and all. This Tropical Bliss was just that...loaded with huge, sweet toasted coconut flakes atop the rich yet fresh mascarpone cream cheese frosting. Coconut was also found inside the flavorful, most yet dense cake. 

     They had so many to choose from...too many to list but I had a hard time choosing between the Tropical Bliss, Lemon Drop, Triple Chocolate and Cheeky Monkey. It would've been even harder to choose but they were sold out of the Velvet Elvis, Salted Caramel, and Boston Dreamer.  I'll be returning and even ordering some goodies to deliver to my clients.

     Clean, fast and friendly service...who could ask for anything more?  They sell their unique and delicious cupcakes by the dozen, half dozen, four and one. Kupcakz, soooo good...cheerz! :-)

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