Sunday, March 23, 2014

Coffee House on Cherry Street...BEST Mocha Latte...EH-VER!!!!!!!!!!

Coffee House on Cherry Street not only offers REAL breakfast foods (not just pastries and fruit) they seriously made me the best mocha latte I've ever had. I thought all coffee shops were the same...not true. 

     My sister Gina and I met up for a belated birthday brunch...she selected this place and I wondered why with all the amazing locally owned restaurants we have to choose from in Tulsa.  With the first sip of coffee I realized this was no ordinary coffee house and her choice became deliciously obvious. 

     She ordered the Sunrise which came with scrambled eggs, choice of one meat, pancakes and toast.  I ordered the Scramble...eggs with bacon, potatoes, veggies and cheese...I know, YUM, right? 
 The Scramble with bacon

The Sunrise with sausage

     The dude behind the counter was super friendly, clean place, live soft music, relaxed atmosphere...great place.  The food was as amazing as my time and conversation with my lovely sister.

     There were just a couple of downsides. First, guy taking order with long hair, while he was super nice and efficient, had his hair down and kept messing with it...not cool when you're working around food. He really needs to at least keep it pulled back in a pony tail.
Also it took forever to get our food and it's just breakfast food.  

     Other than that, it is still an awesome place that I highly recommend and I'll be back as a regular. Cheers!

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