Monday, February 13, 2012

Fassler Hall's 1st Annual Inaugural Beer and Beefsteak Banquet

 First, thanks so much to Fassler Hall for hosting such a great event! I hope this is the first of many more to come!

 The turn out was impressive, especially for a first time event. The price, $50 per person or $45 per person for groups of 4 or more. If you think this sounds steep, well, it's not. I sat next to men that almost cried out like babies. First, from the pure joy of the platters after platters of beef tenderloin deliciousness being placed before them, then from the pain of said non-stop gorging. You just had to be there, smelling the aroma of the beef and the fries, more on that in a minute.
Traditionally dubbed a "male" event, Fassler Hall launched this in "co-ed" friendly fashion and we ladies were oh, so glad they did!

 Upon arrival we were handed a commemorative apron, which doubled as momento and a true, much needed apron, it turned out. (Yay for juicy, tenderloin...and beer splashed bread fights.) With the apron, we were also handed a cup, to open the flood gate of high quality, German beer that was to come.

 Yes, this is the delicious, savory, smoky beef tenderloin that was clearly marinated for hours maybe even a couple of days. It was tender, juicy, smokey, and succulent. They brought out platter, after platter, after get the point. Rumor has it, they planned approximately 5lbs of meat per person...yikes! And, what's beef without potatoes?

Fassler Hall can't do anything plain Jane and they prove it in everything they do, even something as simple as fries. These are extraordinary, like everything else...say hello to Tulsa's best Duck Fat Fries. By the way, the servers kept bringing these out non-stop as well.

 Remember that cup they handed us that opened the flood gate of beer? Turns out we DID need it, to wash down the food! We also found ways to entertain ourselves... keeping with the "Beer Inauguration and Beef Steak Banquet" traditions, there was an unofficial bread tower contest. Diners figured out early on, they can eat more beef if they omit the bread.  So, they built towers of bread and the tallest tower of bread is proclaimed the winner.

Klondike 5 String Band was the entertainment. As always, they put on a really good show. They were lyrical, melodious, bread fight-starting, musicians extraordinaire!

It was a really great time...met some neat people, hi Heidi & Sarah :-) 
By the way, Heidi has a really cool and informative food blog that caters to gluten free recipes and the recipes look better and healthier than many non-gluten free. You've probably heard of her blog as she's a seasoned food blogger... you're going to love her blog site:


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