Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thai Garden in a paradise of goodness!

Okay, I'm a HUGE fan of "hole in the wall" places. This, is one of them. My friend and I were starving and we were driving by when I said, "STOP! We have to try this place out!" So, we did. It's a bit warm inside but, the lovely aromas distinct to Thai cuisine greeted us as we walked into the dining room. We were greeted with a friendly waitress, who got us our beverages and food quickly. We were in and out in 40 minutes...this includes ordering an appetizer, our complimentary soup and entree.
We started with the Spring Rolls, served with a Thai peanut sauce (a little too sweet and not enough spice for my taste, but good nonetheless). And the complimentary Egg drop soup, with a hint of cabbage...delicious!
My friend ordered the chicken Pad Thai, which I sampled of was POW-PACKED with flavor.
I don't remember the name of my dish because I was wanting a Coconut Curry Pad Thai dish that I've had at other Thai restaurants. I thought I explained it clearly, but there was a slight miscommunication, or so I thought. The dish she brought me was with a dark coconut curry sauce like a dark, meat gravy. The dish I was expecting was a cream like sauce with a slight tint of orange due to the curry and spices. So, I was disappointed...initially. I kept saying to my friend, I'm not happy, I'm not happy, I'M NOT HAPPY! When I finally decided to man-up and try it, wow! I got really happy, really, really quick. Rich in flavor and spice and amazing how that dark, gravy-like sauce could taste creamy and coconut-tee.
Oh, and the noodles, which seemed home-made to me were smooth, velvety, and creamy...can't wait to go back! Very good! Thai Garden on Urbanspoon

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