Friday, February 10, 2012

In The Raw...bringing the ocean, to Oklahoma.

In the Raw, I believe it's the 2nd sushi place to arrive in Tulsa.  They launched with a location on Brookside, and a second location "on the hill", which refers to a hilltop location off 61st  Sheridan. Other locations includes a storefront in the BOK center in Tulsa, as well as a spot in Norman, OK and Bricktown, Oklahoma City.

The atmosphere at happy hour/dinner is absolutely best suited for girls night out, boys night out, fun, lively atmosphere. I mean, there's a reason  they've coined the line "ITR...sushi with a pulse." I've always felt like the scenery at the south location is romantic, but, at night all locations are too loud for dates but lots of fun for friends night out ;-)

We started with the Blackened Ahi Tuna Sashimi...the dipping sauce is delectable, spicy goodness.

Next we had the Seared Spear Fish And Seared Mahi Mahi...melt in your mouth heaven.

We finished off with ahi, halibut and yellow tail niguri. Followed by rolls off the "off the menu" menu. 

Service is ALWAYS outstanding so, in my opinion, the high quality of the sushi, combined with the stellar service and boss wine list, one definitely gets their money's worth.

Special thanks to my sister Chris and brother-in-law Lee for making great suggestions and introducing us to their friend, Chef Joseph, who took great care of us :-)

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