Friday, February 3, 2012

HEDGES WINERY ROADSHOW Tasting! Starring Christophe and Boo!

Wow, many thanks to Thirst Wine Merchants and The Brasserie for hosting this event. This was one of my favorites:
After the wine tasting, we stayed for the Family Style French Dinner...amazing: Started with Local greens with radish, chickpea, orange, cider vinaigrette. One might think, simple, too simple, but no, even the starter greens had so much flavor. I couldn't get over how fresh and delicious each item in the salad was and tossed with the perfect amount of was like each green leaf was brushed individually with this aromatic dressing.
Next course, Braised short ribs with gruyere potato puree, sauteed kale and cumin glazed carrots. I don't even know where to start. I'm learning about good food every day and each time I sample a different chef's style, it takes my foodieness to the next level. Chef Marcus Vause is THE master at the technique of bringing out the natural flavors of each component on the plate, without masking them with too much spice. You might think, oh, bland...but no, far from it. Each component maintained it's own, natural flavor, elevated to a better version of itself. The carrots were tender yet crisp with a light, sweet flavor and hint of cumin. The sauteed kale, again, deep within its flavor, cooked to perfection. And the braised short tender and packed with flavor. Together with the gruyere potato puree, it was nothing short of exquisite eatables fit for a king.
We ended the meal with the Apple streusel...again, who knew something like a desert could taste so fresh. The apple portion of the streusel just literally melted in my mouth. My friend Kim bought us a round of the best port wine, which paired so nicely with the apple streusel.
Made some new friends, hi Nicci :-) Thanks again to Thirst Wine Merchants and The Brasserie for such an awesome time, with heavenly wine and food. Brasserie on Urbanspoon

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